3D Architectural Animation

The 3D animation industry is booming these days and most of the designing, building, and manufacturing work is done with the help of 3D animations. The world’s need for Animations creators / Animators is rising day by day as the industry is evolving, expanding, and getting advanced technologically.

What is 3D Architectural Animation?

You might have seen 3D cartoons or played 3D games on your computer or PlayStation. 3D architectural animation is basically the same technology with 3D visuals but created for different purposes and objectives to achieve.

Let me explain it for you, the car you own with the attractive exterior design and curves was designed by the automobile designers with the help of 3D modeling or 3D animation, and then eventually engineers visualize the 3D design of the car to give it life and make it look like it was designed or planned.

Similarly, when the architect makes the designs of any construction building (like a house, shopping mall, hospital, and offices), animators by using computer programs ( Autodesk Maya and Bryce) give the designs realistic visuals to help clients understand how their project will look after completion.

However, this process isn’t as simple as a piece of cake, it takes lots of time and effort for animators to turn simple drawings and sketches into magical realistic objects which depict the actual design of the particular object.

What is the Use of 3D Architectural Animation?

3D architectural animations bring motion and a very detailed view of the object’s model which allows the creator to analyze and build the corresponding product according to the plan.

One of the biggest advantages of 3D architectural animations is; it helps to analyze the model of the project to make amendments or further design improvements as it depicts the actual design of that particular project.

This way, clients can have an elaborated understanding of the design with the actual visuals of the 3D architectural animations before their project is concreted.

Further, it also helps the builders to do product promotions of their new projects to attract potential customers by running a promotion campaign of the project with 3D architectural visuals of the exterior and interior designs.

How 3D Architectural Animations are Made?

As mentioned before it takes lots of time and effort for an animator to create 3D architectural animations of the design which will have details to the last from corner to every inch of the building.

Firstly, a 2D illustration of the design is created either on paper or any digital device to portray the true picture of the 3D model. 2D illustration assists the animator in the process of making animations, then the 3D modeling comes into play where the 3D models are created and given textures, colors, and physical appearance to make them realistic.

Now with the advancement of technology, 3D models are more interactive than ever. You can move them left and right to see how they move or can walk to get an overview of the apartment’s interior to get an overview with different angles more accurately.