3D Walkthroughs

The 3D walkthrough is a method of visualizing and representing the building’s interior with the use of 3D architectural animation. It provides a comprehensive, realistic, and appealing view of any architectural design of the building that is yet to be built. 3D walkthroughs have benefited the real estate agencies to get their architectural designs cost-effective and appealing to gain more potential customers. The clients can have a detailed introduction of any building they are planning to construct or invest in.

What is 3D walkthrough technology?

3D walkthrough technology has given the edge to the architectural industry to modernize and advance by providing the best solutions to its problems. 3D walkthroughs are an animated demonstration of any building interior with the ability to move and view from any desired angle.

This technology has enabled the real estate agencies to provide their clients with an appealing visualization that depicts the architect design of the building they are planning to invest in. the viewer will have control over the viewing angle plus moving ability in the virtual house or building. It’s like walking in that house or building and sensing the feel of architectural designs and details that the designer has created.

This way clients can have their confusion cleared and can also demand specific changes in the architectural design.

The 3D walkthrough animation can be created with the help of powerful 3D computer software (Autodesk, Bryce, and Cinema 4D) depending on the desired scene and design.

3D Animated Walkthrough Benefits

The clients and buyers need to get detailed information about what they are about to invest in. 3D visualization is a perfect way to show them the prototype of the house, apartments, villas, hospital, and school’s architectural design.

It allows clients to have an entire tour of that building that isn’t built yet with the control of moving and viewing from different angles. Another benefit that 3D animated walkthrough provides, architectural designs can be revised when required. The client can ask an architect to make changes and amendments to the design.

Moreover, real estate agencies, builders, and architects can use 3D animated walkthroughs to promote their best architectural designs and buildings to gain more potential customers and clients. The stunning visuals of the 3D architecture can be helpful for any real estate agency and architect to present their best in the market as the visuals attract the audience.

2D or 3D walkthroughs?

The 2D technology had the drawbacks of creating confusion in the viewer’s mind when seeing floors and surfaces from different angles. 3D architecture technology took over the industry and provided the ultimate solution for it.

Plus the 3D walkthroughs video can be shared with the clients in High-Quality formats that can be operated on computers, smartphones, and laptops.

3D walkthroughs with VR (Virtual Reality)

The addition of Virtual reality in the architectural industry has given it the lead towards endless advancement. The viewers will be able to interact with the 3D representation of that particular house’s interior, its floor, and much more.

Virtual reality is the future of the 3D walkthroughs and flythroughs that will provide an immersive experience for the clients to get an insight into everything around them in the VR.