Architectural Visualizer

An architectural Visualizer is a person who creates 3D visualization or illustrations for the architectural industry using different software programs available specifically for creating buildings designs.

The job of an architectural visualizer is quite interesting and important as well because s/he needs to create realistic visualizations / illustrations for the project team to work effectively.

These architectural visualizations are also important for the clients to keep them posted about the project’s update.

What does an Architectural Visualizer actually do?

An architectural visualizer converts 2D design ideas into 3D illustration. The 2D plane images are used to create 3D models. In the architectural industry, the 2D plane images can be of the blueprints designed by another architect, usually a Civil Engineer.

The one who creates 2D blueprints can also be termed as the architectural visualizer but with the advancements in the technology, the industry demands more skills from an architect. So, nowadays, 3D illustrations are quite important to be created by an architect.

An architectural visualizer must have handson experience on some most common software tools like Revit and other essential software. Moreover, an architect should be equipped with the ability to work effectively in teams.

Why is an Architectural Visualizer needed?

These 3D visualizations created by an architectural visualizer helps the project team as well as the clients. A realistic and appealing visualization can secure a complete project if it’s compelling and error-free.

An architectural visualizer creates realistic visualizations that ultimately give benefit to the project team. A project team needs to be on one-page so that everyone would know how the final product would look like.

It helps teams to create a mutual understanding and mental collaboration. In the architectural industry, the teams are formed on very short notice. The research says that since the project teams are created spontaneously and there’s no prior relationship between most of the members, the mutual collaboration becomes the biggest concern.

So, in order to maintain that collaboration, an architectural visualizer should design realistic and believable visualizations for everyone to stay on one page.

Are Architectural Visualizers expensive to hire?

Certainly not!

But it depends on the size of the project. Most of the project teams have in-house visualizers but if the projects are for the residential (small-scaled) sector, freelance architectural visualizers are usually hired.

If projects are related to the commercial sector where massive skyscrapers need to be built, then project leaders usually hire a permanent architectural visualizer.

How can ZoDev Design help?

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