How Much do Architectural Renderings Cost?

The art of converting ideas into life through 3D modeling looks quite fascinating. A good 3D Modeler will let you see your imaginations on a canvas with all your expected desires and expectations.

Despite all that, have you ever thought that how much these architectural renderings cost? Well, you might be surprised that rendering requires a high volume of technologically advanced hardware that don’t come cheap.

Average Cost for 3D Rendering Services

An approximate average price you’d expect can range from $300 USD up to $7000 USD. The upper limit can differ in terms of the size of the model that is needed to be rendered.

Keeping in mind the rapid deterioration of the Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), you might find some architectural rendering company provider’s prices a little too high.

However, we can talk about the average prices in more detail if we divide them in different scenarios. The 3D interior views may cost you around $250 USD, $500 USD for 3D exterior, $800 for the aerial views, and around $300 USD for 3D floor plans.

This is just an overview of some of the acceptable market prices currently in the market.

Factors Influencing Rendering Prices

The prices of any rendering architectural design may vary depending upon certain key elements. The type of 3D Render, number of views, and complexity of the task are just few of them. The prices may also vary due to the different factors including:

  • Number of Rooms.
  • Size of the File.
  • Experience of the Artist.
  • Virtual Reality Tour.
  • Your Industry.
  • Detail in the Final Image.
  • Other Related Services, and more.

Types of Architectural Renderings

Here’s a brief guide on what types of architectural renderings are being offered and what are their possible prices that you can expect in the market.

Exterior Rendering

The exterior rendering services will render your architectural scenes from outside. It can include an aerial view that would cost you around $500 USD to like $700 USD depending upon the size of your exterior.

For commercial sector, the prices might go up because commercial buildings are relatively larger in size.

Similarly, it can also include the VR Tour of your residential or a commercial building. It can cost you up to $2000 USD.

Interior Rendering

If you’re interested in visualizing how your kitchen will look after you drop a wall between your dining room and living room, interior rendering is the solution. The interior rendering is quite cheaper as compared to the exterior rendering.

A simple rendering would cost you around $200 USD, however, if your main concern is for the commercial interiors, the prices are still reasonable. A medium sized interior design would cost you less than $1000 USD.


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