What Makes a Good Architecture Render

Architectural rendering is basically the art of creating two dimensional and three dimensional images of any architectural design.

The reason why we’ve used the term art instead of process is that it isn’t an easy job to render a scene. No doubt, a lot of computer software is there to render your scenes, but you’ve to consider multiple factors while rendering your architectural designs.

You can’t just go and grab a random design and simply run the software to render it. Architectural rendering is done only to have a preview of how your project would look in the future.

Your client might be interested in having a clear picture of how exactly his/her imagination would look like in reality. The interior, exterior, and the aerial views are one of the most demanded rendering requirements of clients.

So, you’ve to keep in mind some important elements while rendering an architectural design in order to make it a ‘good architectural render’.

Sketch Your Art

Sketching your design on a piece of paper is quite beneficial. It helps you stay focused on the track of building your final object more realistic. Without having a sketch in front, you can easily get distracted.

Being an architect, you’ve to focus on other little details as well. So, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you no longer know what to do next. This is why sketching your concept is considered to be a mandatory task because it gives you informed directions to work on your project.

3-Ground Rule

When you want to emphasize a particular item, you have to place some supporting items in the scene to make it more believable. The same is the case with architectural rendering service. You must include supporting items in the scene to make your main-actor standout.

For instance, you can add a background of a sky with clouds, a ground with grass and trees, some poles beside the building to make it look realistic and give an idea of the scaling as well.

Think Outside the Box

It’s human psychology that experiencing one trend again and again doesn’t excite our inner. So, in order to create a compelling architectural rendering, you’ve to think outside the box. Traditional rendering practices might be doing your job pretty well, but don’t you think that the architectural designs keep changing day by day?

So, look for ideas that are creative, unique, and compelling.

Scale Your Objects as Real

The scale of the 3d or 2d objects you’re going to create should be real. The props you’re using in the scene should look real. For instance, if you’re working on an exterior rendering project, make sure that the trees are of realistic scale, they should be of believable size.

Know Fundamentals of Physics

‘How things behave in real life’ should be your main concern. Keep in mind that the props you’re using should be placed in such a way that they look physically real.

Imagine how your props would behave in real-time scenarios and follow your imaginations to create a realistic architectural rendering Chicago.

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